Power of the People

Harness the benefits of Social Media Networking. Connect and Collaborate Online.

​Social Media Marketing

Social Networking websites have revolutionized information sharing over the internet. Today, most businesses have a compelling need to connect with customers via social media. With our integrated Social Media Marketing kit, your brand will have a very 'social' online presence.

Social Strategy

To begin with, get your social media strategy right. DigitalSpread will work with you and build a comprehensive social media plan, along with the set of tangible goals to be achieved.

Social Avatar

DigitalSpread will establish your social avatar in all social media spheres like facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc. We will judiciously engage your followers, your fans with viral content. Listening is a vital component in social media marketing. We will listen and actively participate in conversations happening in your domain.

Business blogging is part of the package. With blogs, you have more freedom to expand on your policies, business benefits etc.

Social Ads

With twitter opening up its Ad platforms via Promoted Tweets, we have an opportunity to advertise the product to specific target audience. Facebook ads are already popular.

DigitalSpread will strategize and maintain the social media ads for your business. Periodic reports will be shared to monitor the ROI